Welcome to DFSocial Gaming! ๐Ÿ

The First DeFi-Gaming Token.

DFSocial Team's mission is to develop a value-added token and community-centered product. DFSocial Gaming aims to bring together the services of decentralized finance protocols (staking and farming) and gaming. Our long-term vision is a gaming platform with a mobile app, so holders can earn gaming rewards.

Community support is very important to us, so we have a community reward mechanism, which allows our community to earn tokens for helping the team with tasks.

" From gaming through the blockchain. "

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission as a team is to develop a value-added token and a community-centered product. Without a doubt, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) offers the best and most demanded services today. It is not a coincidence that, for this reason, multiple protocols have been developed to offer services of this type. The only requirement is an Internet connection, which allows you to skip the traditional centralized financial institution.

DFSocial has been developed with the user in mind and will provide you with the already well-known services of staking and farming. In addition, users will be able to play with the rest of the community through interactions with contracts, adding value and making DFSocial the first DeFi-Gaming project in the world!

Why DFSocial ?

DFSocial has all the features of other DeFi protocols, incorporating some improvements and services such as gaming.

  • Accessibility : At DFSocial Team we are committed to providing an easy user interface. We want the usability to be as easy and intuitive as possible.

  • Services: We offer services from both industries; Staking and Farming (DeFi) by one side and earning while playing games (gaming).

  • Project Security : Security is vital to achieving within a blockchain protocol. Our smart contract DFSocial ERC20 is identical to the YFDAI ERC20, which has been successfully audited by Blockchain Consilium, a prestigious auditing firm, which guarantees a very high level of security. The same goes for the staking smart contracts. The rest of the smart contracts have been audited. To promote transparency, all devs and team funds will be locked in public smart contracts.

DFSocial Gaming Ecosystem (16/12/2020)

Liquidity Pool 1 - Uniswap [WETH/DFSocial] (Delivered โœ…)

Liquidity Pool 2 - PancakeSwap [bDFSocial/BNB] (Delivered โœ…)

Staking Pool A (Delivered โœ…)

  • Community-developed staking pool for DFSocial token holders: https://dfsocial.com/stakingโ€‹

  • DFSocial token holders can stake their tokens and earn an annual interest equal to +72% until all DFSocial tokens reserved for Pool 1 are distributed.

Staking Pool B (Completedโœ…)

  • Community-developed staking pool for DFSocial token holders: https://dfsocial.com/stakingโ€‹

  • DFSocial token holders can stake their tokens and earn an annual interest up to +750%.

PancakeSwap Liquidity Farming Vaults (Deliveredโœ…)

  • Community-developed liquidity farming vault for liquidity providers on PancakeSwap (PancakeSwap Liquidity Mining Vault BNB/DFSocial).

DFSocial Gaming Platform (Deliveredโœ…)

  • DFSocial Gaming Platform must be our project heart. It is what really makes us different.

  • There are 5000 DFSocial gaming reward tokens locked on a smart contract. They will be used to reward users of games.

  • Each game has its own rules and rewards.

  • The number of games is unlimited.

  • All fees collected on DFSocial Staking Portal will be saved to use for long term gaming platform sustainability.

  • If you are interested in how the games will work, please read the Gaming section.

โ€‹DFSocial Farming Platform

Mobile App (Coming soon ๐Ÿ’ก)

DFSocial Wallet (Coming soon ๐Ÿ’ก)

DFSocial Tokenomics

DFSocial Roadmap

BUY DFSocial tokens with Ethereum

Click the following Uniswap banner to buy DFSocial with Ethereum.

Always check the DFSocial address is:

  • 0x54ee01beB60E745329E6a8711Ad2D6cb213e38d7 [ETHEREUM NETWORK]

BUY bDFSocial tokens with BNB (Binance Token)

Click the following Burgerswap link to buy bDFSocial with BNB.

Always check the bDFSocial address is:

  • 0x75de745a333a47Fe786e8DbBf3E9440d3d5Bc809 [BINANCE SMART CHAIN]


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